DeepinMind 16-ch Visual Matching & Analysis Embedded NVR

  • Implements 16-ch IP camera analysis, visual detectionand recognition, visual data modeling and comparison, alarm linkage action, and visual data searching with a powerful library able to hold the visual data of up to 100,000 individuals.
  • Full cooperation and integration with iVMS-4200.
  • Incorporates enhanced Human Body Detection analytics to improve alarm accuracy rate for line crossing and intrusion detection, while avoiding alarm triggers in response to non-human entities (such as rain, leaves, animals, and light).
  • Powered by deep learning algorithms for more precise visual matching and human body detection capabilities.
  • Ensures at least 90% alarm accuracy with false alarm filters.
  • Applicable to many small and medium-scale visual matching projects, and can meet the demand of various industries in regards to visual matching.
  • Excels in casinos, residential buildings, schoolyards, and malls.