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About Us

FaceEx is a revolutionary application of visual matching technology, derived from a “Proof of Concept” meant to determine whether visual matching could be used for Customs and Border Patrol to efficiently screen travelers entering and exiting the United States. FaceEx demonstrated tremendous reliability in this initial test after successfully matching over 97% of 4600 travelers and staff in fewer than 3 hours, which translates to 1.6 seconds per match.

Today, FaceEx offers modern, fully integrated visual matching solutions. Our solutions excel in the aspects of speed, accuracy, and data security which our customers emphasize. FaceEx is fault tolerant and performs at a high level even with low-quality images, elevates both quickness and accuracy by using multi-dimensional reference models and advanced structural processing, and is a massively scalable, enterprise-ready application.

The capabilities of FaceEx reflect our status as an industry leading team, and we hold a deep passion for providing visual matching solutions with revolutionary applications. While FaceEx and visual matching is commonly associated with security applications, it has endless applications.

We hope to continuously expand the spectrum of visual matching solutions we offer to cover a wide range of sectors and industries.

The FaceEx team prioritizes consistent customer engagement in our approach. We collaborate with customers to help them visualize their plan for a safe and secure environment, and work with them every step of the way to realize that plan. Our support spans the entire innovation process, from technical approach to final commissioning.

Customer service is an integral aspect of our approach and paramount to our success. We are able to provide full life cycle support anywhere in the United States thanks to a number of offices we own across the nation.

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